You are more likely to be successful if you have support.

Oranga Hā - Tai Poutini: Stop Smoking West Coast has been established to support people on the West Coast to stop smoking.

We have three stop smoking staff who can work with you to set a quit date, and provide ongoing support so you can stay smokefree.

After an initial face-to-face meeting you can tailor a stop smoking programme that works for you – it could include more face-to-face meetings, texting, videoing, skyping, emails, or attending group sessions.

As well as customised support, you’ll also be able to access free Nicotine Replacement Therapy – patches, gum and lozenges.

If you or someone you know would like help to quit, register here online or phone 0800 456 121/ email directly Greymouth/Westland - Buller -